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Letanías a través de mis amigas

Litanies of her: CANDELA

As a woman raised in a family where affection was not expressed through physical contact, I grew up believing that I didn't know how or couldn't embrace my friends. This made me think there was something wrong with me, something cold. It made me believe that I needed to learn to love as they did. Over time, I began to unravel knots and learned that there are infinite ways to show love and affection, many ways to connect intimately with my friends. This project arises from the need to showcase a different kind of intimacy.

"Litanies of her" is an ode to love and intimacy with each of them. An intimacy created through deep observations and patience. The image allows me to portray them as I feel them, and words become a flowing stream, a song that is not mine but ours.

CANDELA is the first in the series. Recorded in Mallorca in July 2023.

Carta a &

Videopoem Carta a &.
Inspired by Giorgo Agamben and the rocks of Cap de Creus.


The dystopian summer heat in Barcelona, 2017.


TELOCUENTO son cuentos que cuento (stories I tell)


telocuento-BROCANTEArtist Name
00:00 / 02:41


Telocuento-VACAArtist Name
00:00 / 05:11


La belleza de rendirse (2018)
Parnass Ediciones
-Poetry & collage

Ahora y poema (2021)
llustration (by Maria Alzamora)

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