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I am a multidisciplinary creator and vocational teacher. As a creator, I am moved by authenticity, spontaneity, and rawness. I am drawn to forms that imagine new realities. Love moves me. I am moved by connection with life, rhythm, the human being, and their capacity for transformation. Having lived on three continents has given me a peripheral perspective, an understanding of different points of view. I am moved by stepping out of the known.
I believe in projects with social involvement that question established forms and provide solutions through artistic expression. I have great skill and determination in creating projects that connect disciplines, people, and experiences. My leadership is supported by my passion, will, dedication, keen perceptiveness, and communication skills.
As a creator, I use various artistic expressions in service of what I want to convey: I have created through poetry, video art, theater, and performance. I am interested in the place from which we create because I believe that as a creator, I have a responsibility to the world.
As a teacher, I bring artistic practices to non-artistic contexts to disseminate certain values that I have found in art, such as authenticity, sensitivity, and the multidimensionality of practices and knowledge.
I am driven to create spaces to illuminate other people in order to transform ourselves and inhabit a more authentic, coherent, joyful, and connected world. My current process is to embody the state of love as a state of creation so that this energy impacts from who I am and not just from what I do.


Master Creative Intelligence
Spain (2023-2024)
Mercedes Boronat
Intense training for creators


Master Pedagogy: Spanish language

Barcelona (2020-2022)
Universitat de Barcelona & Pompeu Fabra

Certificate: Keep Moving Teacher

Barcelona (2022)
Keep Moving method by Mercedes Boronat Creative pedagogy: immediate creation

Degree in Psychology

Barcelona (2010-2015)

Universitat de Barcelona

Diploma in Drama

Barcelona (2011-2013)
La Bobina - Theatre School

Postgraduate in Psychodrama

Barcelona (2015-2016)
Nuri Zubiri - Escuela de Crecimiento teatral

Meisner Theatre Training

Barcelona (2015-2017)

Javier Galitó-Cava

MOMA Certificate: Interactive Strategies

for Engaging with Art
Online (2020)
Museum of Modern Art

Keep Moving method

Barcelona (since 2013)
Mercedes Boronat
Training of immediate creation through movement


Research assistant

Belgium (2023)

Université Catholique de Louvain Institute of

Civilizations, Arts, and Letters

PhilAnd european project

Trainer of teachers

Belgium (2022)

Université Catholique de Louvain

LovELE Continuous Teacher Training

Creative writing teacher

Brussels (since 2021)

Instituto Cervantes

Keep Moving Method teacher

Brussels (since 2023)

Spanish language professor

Belgium (since 2021)

Université Catholique de Louvain

Curriculum coordinator and teacher

Spanish teacher

Online (2021)

Universitat de Barcelona and University of Iceland

Telecollaboration project:

Teaching Spanish through ICT

Early childhood educator (Montessori)

Tel-Aviv (2019)

Little Elephant

Teacher of theatre and creative movement

Barcelona (2016-2017)

The loft Studio Barcelona SL


Director, producer


What is love?

Belgium (2023)

Artistic and pedagogical installation:
questioning & building the concept of love in contemporary society.

Performances and conferences.


Bordel Shira

Israel (2019-2020)

Artistic company of poets and performers.
The Poetry Brothel branch based in Tel-Aviv. Inmersive performance & one-to-one poetry sessions.

Prostíbulo poético

Barcelona (2017-2020)

Artistic company of poets and performers.


ARTLANGUES Seminario de creación artística y reflexión crítica.

(2023) Traces magazine.

¿Hay vida más allá de los foros? La gamificación para el desarrollo de las competencias clave del profesorado en un curso en línea de formación docente. (2022)Master's final thesis.. Universidad de Barcelona. To be published.

Ahora y poema [book of poems] (2021) Editorial Multiverso.
Ahora y poema [book of poems] (2020) Editorial Multiverso contest.


La belleza de rendirse [book of poems] (2020) International award for published work: Albalucía Ángel Marulanda. Honourable mention.

Ver con tus ojos opacos y El baile [poems] (2019) International award: Palabras para el mundo. Instituto Iberoamericano de Cultura. Honourable mention and publication.

La Belleza de Rendirse [book of poems] (2018). Barcelona. Parnass Edicions.

Ternura y Carta a Papá [poems] (2018). Libro Rojo. Circulo Rojo.


El amor y la metadona [essay] (2010)

Asturian Philosophy Olympiad.

Revista de filosofía de Asturias. Second prize and publication.

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